Why #Twitter Is Like Breastfeeding

I don’t know about YOU, but learning Twitter has been a process and I am JUST getting started! Screenshot-2014-10-07-16.10.01

Of course there are people who bypass the learning system, buy followers, and put forward the appearance that they have it down pat, but to actually organicallysucceed…

NOW THAT takes work, practice, and it reminds me a whole lot of breastfeeding.

Twitter and breastfeeding, really?!  

YES, really!

Here are six reasons why:

1. There is a learning curve.  If you are like me, when you started using Twitter or started breastfeeding you may have asked yourself, “WHAT am I doing?!?!!”  I remember feeling frustrated, disappointed, and a bit hopeless at the beginning of both my breastfeeding and Twitter experiences.  Unlike breastfeeding, I have given up on Twitter – several times.  However, now I am committed to keep at it.  Thankfully, there are people who have been on the journey longer, who have figured out a think or two, and who are willing to provide resources!!  Thank God for resources and support.

Whether it is people like Sandi Krakowski, @sandikrakowski, who offer generous instruction at Twitter for Business, or La Leche League International@LLLI_Status, which provides online and local support, and answers for all questions relating to breastfeeding, or YouTube, which has videos like this one:

that teach the basics like getting a good latch, there are great resources available to help you on your way to success.

2. Initially you do not know what you are doing and that means confusion and frustration.  Supply and demand, what?!  Twitter is overwhelming with speed and content, and just like a newborn baby, it has constant needs!  Needs to be monitored and needs to be fed.  Initially, you could spend all day “attached”.  When getting started with Twitter I asked myself questions like, “How much time should I be spending tweeting?” and “How can I possibly keep up?”  Just as I was with breastfeeding, I am committed to learning along this journey of tweets, retweets, replies, and favorites.  I haven’t even made it to the world of Twitter chats, but like nursing, I am just taking it one day at a time :)

3. Until you get the hang of it, it feels like WORK.  You may feel like giving up A LOT, because it can be painful at times.

In this article, 6 Ways To Help Prevent Breastfeeding Pain, Snooki shares her frustration with breastfeeding, but following her honest accounts, are ways to prevent this and the advice is spot on.

“Why am I doing this anyways?”, you ask.  There are easier ways aren’t there?  You can pump people to your page if you pay for it.  There has to be a formula out that you can incorporate, right?  However, in your search for other options, you realize that this can be just as tiring of a task.  More time, more energy.  You might as well just learn to allow your followers to drink from the source – you.  That is what your followers want anyways, right?  Just like a baby, they want your engagement.  They want to feel connected – to you.  Not a pump, like Hootesuite.  They want what you have to offer, and on demand.  That is what makes the work worth it all in the end.  It is the relationship that is built through that dance of human interaction.

4. Then, there is a breakthrough!  You’re learning, your hard work is resulting in connectedness, you’re gaining confidence, and growth.  You are realizing that all of the research, persistence, and work was worth your time and energy.  NOW, you are recommending it to others, and sharing why you are hooked, how it has benefitted you, and how you have been able to serve the needs of others.  To think that you thought about giving up!

5. Finally, you learn to love what you initially considered giving up, time and time again.  Your persistence pays off, and now you have that bond formed.  Your relationship is a reciprocated dance of giving and receiving.  YOU have succeeded!

6. Then come the things you didn’t expect, social media changes or “teeth” come in and bite you!  You thought you knew what you were doing, but then something changes.  That’s okay!  This just requires you to navigate new territory and learn new ways to make this relationship work.  You’ve already mastered the basics, andnow it is just a matter of navigating through changes.  You’ve come too far to give up now, so you push through, and before you know it the struggle will be long forgotten and the rewards will be plentiful, valuable, and long-term.