Why I Draw Airplanes

Airplanes go up, up, up, high in the sky. Jack tells us that, “planes go fast!”

After hearing “the plane” for about the fiftieth time, I have had just about enough of drawing airplanes. My son is absolutely fascinated with airplanes. He is OBSESSED!

The joy! This is what life is all about.

The joy! This is what life is all about.


This means that when he says “color”, I draw. I draw airplanes ALL DAY LONG. After the airplane comes a guaranteed request for helicopters (“hel-cop-ters” as he says) and elephants (“el-fants, boom, boom, el-fants”).   Oh, and as he just reminded me, there is also the bus (“da bus, da bus, daaaaa bussssssss”). “Daaaa busssssss” and now he has me laughing.

As I watch him color, he slips off of the paper and onto the table (again). He says “oh nooo” with a smile in his eyes, and in distress (note sarcasm), he continues to create his art on the table and the chair. I LOVE washable markers!

I look back on my own childhood, the direction to stay inside the lines, the strive for perfection, and the disappointments that came whenever life proved to be a bit messy.

Now, I think of my son, Jack, and I look forward to his life – and the desires I have for him. Although I might want to sigh and say: “No more planes for today”, I choose to smile and draw yet another plane, and helicopter, and elephant, and bus, and whatever else his little heart desires.

As Jack’s Mama, it is my gift to encourage him – to see what lies outside the lines, to help him in exploring the world and all that brings delight, and to praise him for his enthusiasm of art and fascination for other creations. There will be plenty of other forces trying to bring him down, attempting to discourage him, and questioning him in his uniqueness. My role is to assist him in embracing his individuality and the divine plan that was created for him, to teach him that he does not have to “fit in”, and that it is okay to get messy. Life can be messy! Life can be disappointing. For now, I will not add to that and instead, I will draw – yet another airplane.


One of today’s many airplanes, elephants, and helicopters!