Ten Post-Accident Causes of Major Discomfort

Never fails to bring a sense of major discomfort:

1. Semi trucks – especially red ones.

2. Seeing a driver’s training car behind me – with an inexperienced driver.

3. Seeing a driver behind me texting, looking around aimlessly, or putting make up on.

4. Being sent to an additional specialist and having to go through my entire history – again.

5. Being asked: “How are you doing today?” – I have actually caught myself ignoring the question all together due to the fact that most people say “good” or “okay” even when they really are not.

6. When people say, “It could be worse.” – well of course, but as my neuropsychologist stated, “It could also be a Hell of a lot better.”

7. Thinking of the amount of loss experienced due to someone else’s carelessness.

8. The severe lack of knowledge in regards to brain injury (from non-health professionals to healthcare providers). There are very few doctors that even have the slightest clue about brain injury.- expect this to change!

9. The realization of how trauma shows people’s true character – choose your friends wisely as the word “friend” is often misused and abused.

10. The thought of dying without making a significant difference in this world.


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