On The Receiving End



Over the last year, I have been forced to accept certain changes in my life.  Some of these changes have been easier than others, however, I do believe ALL have been necessary.

One way that I have transformed has been learning to


The act of allowing others to do for you.  This means not being self-sufficient at all times.  It includes allowing others to demonstrate their love for you, embracing assistance given through care, and allowing yourself to relax and be okay with not always being so strong.


Life is a balance.  As living creatures our bodies crave a sense of homeostasis. 

So, ask yourself:

  • Am I more of a giver?
  • Am I more of a taker?
  • Or
  • Do I truly have a good balance between giving and receiving?


If you identify with the following, then you may be more of a giver: 

  • You feel like you can do everything on your own and do not feel comfortable when others offer assistance
  • You feel that asking for help makes others look at you as somewhat inadequate or weak
  • You close off your feelings but are the usual source of counseling for others
  • You feel alone when you are going through a difficult time


If you identify with the previous statements, then let me tell you that you are not alone.  I was definitely more of a giver in my past.  As uncomfortable as it was, life challenges forced me to see the beauty in learning how to receive.  Want to know what I noticed?  I noticed that others receive when you allow them to give.


Others receive when you allow them to give 


When you allow others to show you love and care, they are able to feel needed.  So if you are more of a giver, then really let this idea settle with you. 

By receiving, you actually give…but in an entirely different way.

Through my own personal transformation, I have come to more of a balance.  Although I offer healing through sharing my own personal struggles and healing, I also allow others to give.  Through this, I have learned some valuable lessons. 

Lessons Learned Through Receiving:

  • How to embrace compliments and simply say thank you

  • How to gracefully accept assistance from others

  • The art of listening

Yes, listening is quite an art.  In comparison to before, now I am not always giving advice.  Instead, I am continuously learning through others’ experiences and wisdom.  All of this growth through unforeseen circumstances is allowing me to transform into a more balanced being; and, you know what?  It feels so refreshing and good.  Now I do not feel like the weight is all on my shoulders.  I can relax and allow life to be a reciprocated exchange.



What do you need to do in your own life to achieve more of a harmonious balance between giving and receiving?