No Greater Gift: The Miracle of Life

I can think of no greater gift, no greater and more miraculous blessing, than the one growing inside of me.  We conceived our little miracle while in Niagara Falls on Saturday, March 24, 2012.  Married with trauma, the beginning of our lives joined together was filled with turmoil; it left us without that “honeymoon phase”.  Actually, with what we have endured, it feels that we should be entering retirement phase already; however, we are still young in our journey together.

Our pregnancy is a sheer testament to God’s plan.  His plan is always superior and it never fails, which is why we are taught to praise Him in the good and not-so-good times.  Each of those not-so-good times lends an opportunity for you to testify to your faith and strengthen your relationship not only to God but also within yourself.  Yes, your relationship within yourself is deserving of attention.

Through trauma, I learned of myself.  I learned of my fears, my sturdily constructed walls (all of which were demolished), my true authentic self and desires, and what life is really all about.  Ah yes, embracing emotions, being completely honest with what is important to me, and simplicity.  Letting go and living life for each moment.  Allowing my body rest.  Allowing myself to receive.  Allowing God’s beauty to infiltrate my soul. 

Once this transformation was set in place, then my spirit could flourish with the addition of helping others heal as I was beginning to heal.  What I have found is that we all experience pain and we all seek love and acceptance.  We all desire happiness, but all too often we search far and wide when we should be starting within.  I remember at a time of despair and hopelessness speaking with a minister and stating that I felt that I had exhausted all options.  At this time I received the best advice that moment could bring and that was, “Try doing nothing and truly trusting in God.  Leave it in His hands and focus on your relationship with Him.” 

I have since shared that advice and for those who choose to listen, who choose to surrender, there are answered prayers.  Maybe not on “their time”, but always on God’s time.  When we conceived, life was not just as “I” wanted it to be; however, God had a greater plan and His plan continues to reveal His beauty, His love, and His desires for each of His children.

God, I am grateful to you and I am amazed by your glory.  I trust that others will see your glory as they release their need for control, seek your approval only, and understand that your love will be the only love that satisfies them wholeheartedly.


Capri by Colbie Caillat (Click to Listen)