Lessons Learned Through Trauma and Brain Injury

Nobody wants to experience trauma and/or brain injury, but there are several lessons that can be learned when one does not have a choice.


On December 15, 2010, my life changed in a matter of seconds through a near-fatal accident.  Two weeks following my wedding, I was on my way to work when my car was struck by a semi truck on the expressway at nearly 65 miles per hour.  In a matter of seconds, every aspect of my life was starting to change.  The person who I once was, no longer exists…but that is okay.  I’ve come to accept a new plan for my life, and you can too.

Here are some of the lessons that I have learned along my journey of healing.


It is okay to cry | www.drnicolemeastman.com #healing #pain

I needed to learn this.  Maybe you do too?


Have you ever gotten angry because others “just don’t understand”?

This was me during part of my journey of healing, but then I came to accept that this was an unfair expectation that I was placing onto others.

No two brain injuries are the same, because no two people are the same.

Our lives have been shaped by different experiences and we have developed different coping mechanisms.

The acceptance that others could not truly ever “understand” my pain was freeing.

Maybe this will help you along in your journey of healing too.


Others will never truly understand your journey | www.drnicolemeastman.com #quote #healing #pain

This is okay.

Do you struggle with the question of “Why did this happen to me?”

Sometimes you need to be knocked down to nothing in order to gain a life that is true to who you are deep down to the core; the person who has no walls to keep people out, who has the courage to be vulnerable, and who is just downright real.

I surely experienced the rock bottom following my near fatal, debilitating accident, and at first my pain consumed me with the depths of depression.

However, with time I gained a deep relationship in faith, and I accepted that I had 2 choices  –

to either give up or to start a journey of healing.

Here is a photo from the summer of 2011 –

a time when I was still experiencing great physical and psychological pain,

but also the first trip with my husband

after making the choice to take that journey of healing.

Don't lose hope | www.drnicolemeastman.com #quote #healing #purpose

Don’t ever lose hope…

Do you realize that there is a purpose for your life?

If you are breathing, then there is a reason!  

Don’t give up.  

Find that reason.

There is a purpose for your life | www.drnicolemeastman.com #loss #pain #purpose #quote

Find your gift and give it away…

Do you want to see your life change?

After years of healing, I can say that if there is one thing that I learned following trauma and great loss, it is that real change occurs when we stop pointing the finger at others and start pointing it towards ourselves.

I am so glad that I chose to conquer feeling like a victim.

I am so glad that I chose to climb out of the valley that was consuming me.

I am NOT a victim,

I have choices,

and I am grateful that I chose a journey of healing.

That healing meant letting go of past pains,

focusing on what was within my ability,

and choosing to see the good in this world.

The choice is yours.

Although your life may have changed through brain injury,

you still can maintain hope and live with joy.

Maybe it is not what YOU planned,

but you can still make the most of your gift of life.

If this is helpful to you, then I would be appreciative if you would share in interest of bringing hope and healing to others.


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