Get Out of Your Own Way

Isn’t it amazing how we get in our own way?  We can be handed an amazing opportunity, we can even accept that opportunity, and then all of a sudden, there we go getting in our own way.  The doubts, the fears, and the “what ifs” all start to creep in.

How do we silence our minds?  How do we embrace uncertainty and trust that there is a plan greater than our own and that we need to just sit back and enjoy the ride?

Life experiences creep in, right?  Bad memories, seasons of suffering, the mockery of others, the fear of the unknown – ugh, the fallacy of human nature – it is enough to make your whole being fill with some serious self doubt.

Oh, but then, there is faith and hope for better days.  For days when the season of suffering comes to an end and a new season of prosperity begins.  Prosperity of the mind, the body, and the spirit.

For example, just recently I was asked to contribute my energy to a collaborative effort, which I will discuss more in the future.  I prayed over this and I asked God specifically to guide me.  I said, “If this (particular happening ,”A”) takes place, then I know that this is Your will and that I need to follow Your guidance and go forward (with this other effort, “B”).”  God did not take long to answer and I was blessed with His provision.  I accepted the honor that was placed in front of me and then you know what?  I started to get into my own way.  I decided to share my “free will” thoughts with my husband.  His response?  “So what, Nicole.”

With uncertainty comes the need to rely on faith – the need to rely on those answers received through prayer.  Just as those devious little thoughts found their way to creep into the cracks of vulnerability, the spirit of hope was able to apply an impermeable seal allowing for a sense of reassurance.

Does this resonate with you?  Do you need to get out of your own way?  Do you need to refocus your energy to hope and faith?  Do you need to tell your free will to hush up and take a back seat to the glorious plan that has already been laid out in front of you?

Today, I encourage you to seek divine guidance and to silence your own mind.  Listen carefully to the direction that you receive and then move forward into a new season of life.


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With Love ~ Nicole

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