~ Discovering Your Gifts With Ease ~

With life comes uncertainty. 

With uncertainty comes a choice. 


This journey is no longer about me.  It is about being given a second chance at life.  It is about living out the purpose that has been delegated to me by God.  My faith is giving me strength.  My faith is giving my pain and suffering purpose.  I heal and I am so blessed to watch others heal too.  What matters in life has changed.  My life is deeply touched when others are inspired and motivated by the lessons that I have learned.  Just like those who write to me with their personal life story, I am on a similar journey of healing.  We are all in this together.  Our pain is real and it changes us.  For many, the pain – emotional and/or physical – came without warning and took away a sense of control.  Without control we become fearful.  I am amused by the fact that I used to feel in control of my life, because it is such a false perception.  Without this perception comes uncertainty, worry, and concern.  This transforms from denial to depression to anger to ultimately a decision.  This decision I speak of lies within each and every one of us; and this is the decision of allowing ourselves to accept change.  This is where we can regain that sense of control.  By learning to adapt to the situations that life presents, we can transform.  We can choose to transform our minds, which then transforms our bodies.

If you face your death tomorrow are you content with what you have accomplished today?  I now ask myself that very question throughout each day and I encourage you to start doing the same.

Life is a blessing and we are each given gifts.  What is beautiful about life is that when one door closes, others open and hidden gifts tend to surface.  For example, I have learned of a man who had a traumatic brain injury.  He turned around to produce magnificent art that brings warmth to the hearts of others.  I have also learned of countless survivors who have gone from being victims to strong forces for admirable causes.  I would like you to think of the many children who face terminal illnesses.  Now think of how you feel when you witness just one of their smiles, which have the ability to brighten your day.  Do not tell me that you have no gifts.  That, my friend, is not true.  You may not be aware of your gifts, but they are there.  Sometimes you have to stop searching for them and you have to allow yourself to receive.

In order to receive, you must remove yourself from the worldly chaos and allow your mind to find a sense of ease.  Once you find this space, you will be amazed at all that you hear.  Your quiet space may be different than mine, however, I encourage you to start where I began to hear clearly.  Where have I found my quiet space, you ask?  Well, for me it is within my shower.  There is something about this space that lets me feel completely at peace.  Alone in this space, my mind forms an intimate relationship with each fluid thought.  My thoughts run like the water and my doubts are washed away.

So, what happens after you get out of the shower?  Or out of your own quiet space? 

How do you proceed with the guidance received?

Here are lessons that I have learned:

  1. 1.  Trust what you hear.

  1. 2.  Do not avoid fear.  Embrace the feelings that come along with uncertainty.  Many times it is not fear; but rather the feelings that accompany the unknown that bring one’s abilities to a halt.  Transform this energy into passion to share your gifts.

  1. 3.  Do not doubt yourself.  Remember to trust what you hear.

  1. 4.  Allow yourself frequent visits to your quiet space.  What you hear may change like a river, like the continuous deflection of water as it passes each barrier.

  1. 5.  Do not listen to the negative energy of others.  When you share your gifts you will undoubtedly encounter others who wish that you would not.

  1. 6.  Keep moving forward.  Each day is a new day and it very well could be your last.  So remember to use self-reflection and ask yourself, “If today were my last day, would I be content with my contributions.”

  1. 7.  Be true to yourself.  This goes along with realizing that your gift is not necessarily a gift understood by others.  Remember who your audience is and whom your gift(s) will benefit.

So with all of that said, I encourage you now to move forward.  Find your quiet space, find your inner peace, and share your gifts.  As you share your gifts, you will find that the gifts you receive in return are unimaginable.  This is what truly matters. 

Please feel free to leave positive comments, questions, and feedback.  May you discover your own gifts and truly cherish your own journey of life.

With love and gratitude,