Celebrating A Marriage That Has Survived Trauma and Hardship: An Open Love Letter To My Husband

Today marks our 4 year wedding anniversary, and to us, what a great accomplishment this is.

Celebrating Our 4 Year Commitment to Marriage | www.drnicolemeastman.com #marriage #love #relationships

Celebrating Our Amazing Journey

Here’s a look back at our incredible and crazy journey…

From meeting on Match.com.

To our first encounter in California and my luggage not arriving.

When We First Met | www.drnicolemeastman.com #marriage #commitment #journey #hope #faith

To you telling me that you did not want a relationship (not even a friendship) after I opened up and was vulnerable to you, which was not like me.

To me thinking that I never wanted to see you again.  Oh, how I thought you were the meanest person on the planet!

To you begging for a date…over and over again.

To me saying, No…over and over again.

To you “winning” as you said.  Your persistence…

To me kicking myself for being happy to see you.

To us dating long distance.

Memories of our journey | www.drnicolemeastman.com

Long distance dating memories…

To getting engaged at the airport in Portland, Maine.

Engagement memories | www.drnicolemeastman.com

                                              One of our engagement memories…                                             Photo Credit: Fidelio Photography

To you retiring from professional baseball following your final concussion.

To us living together full-time and being too poor to buy a Tim Horton’s coffee.  That seemed torturous at the time.

To both of us starting new jobs on the same August day and feeling “rich”.

To barely seeing one another due to long work hours.

To getting a break to head down to Grand Cayman for our destination wedding.

To saying “for better” or “for worse” at Grand Old House.

Our Wedding Day at Grand Old House, Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands | www.drnicolemeastman.com #faith #hope #love #marriage #commitment

Our Wedding Day | Photo Credit: Fidelio Photography

To kissing stingrays for 7 years “good luck”.

Memories from Grand Cayman | www.drnicolemeastman.com #island #GrandCayman #stingrays

Kissing the rays for “7 years good luck”

To returning back to Michigan to start our new life together.

To me facing my death in a near-fatal accident just 2 weeks following our vows.  We sure got the “for worse” and “in sickness” right away.

To you being diagnosed with narcolepsy and ADHD just weeks following my accident.

To me having spine surgery and being dependent on you for everything, including standing and getting to the bathroom.

To you being overwhelmed with this thing called “marriage” and the loss of the woman that you knew as your “wife”.

To me facing the depths of depression and wondering why it was that I had to survive.

To you facing your own loss of identity and the temptation of other women.

To me accepting Christ and finally knowing that I was not “alone”.

With God All Things Are Possible | www.drnicolemeastman.com #tattoo #back #faith #God #butterfly #monarch #strength

With God All Things Are Possible – This is my back.                     Photo Credit: Lesa Foto-graphy

To you following suit in a journey of faith, but struggling to know “why?”

To me understanding that it was no longer about me, and that God was working through me to get to you.

To you continuing to be pulled back to my side despite the tendency to want to go.

To me grieving such great loss and accepting a journey to heal.

To you accepting the journey alongside me and learning to let go.

To me renewing my vows with you back in Grand Cayman on our 1 year anniversary.

Memories from our 1 Year Wedding Anniversary | www.drnicolemeastman.com #hope #faith #love #marriage #commitment

To you impregnating me just about a year to the date of my acceptance of faith; and me beginning the journey to the gift of becoming a Mommy while at a little getaway in Niagara Falls, Canada.

Niagara Falls Memories | www.drnicolemeastman.com #marriage #love #relatiionship

Memories from Niagara Falls

To you quitting your job teaching in Detroit, Michigan, and leaving your sense of security to follow a greater plan.  That was scary, wasn’t it?!?!!

To us selling everything we could to start a more simple life.

To me moving out of the country to Grand Cayman with you – with our 4 cats and my 6 month pregnant belly.  What an adventure!

Memories of Pregnancy | www.drnicolemeastman.com #pregnancy #GrandCayman #ourjourney #faith #hope

To you letting go and trusting God as we faced homelessness and thoughts of “how are we going to pay for the delivery of our new baby?”  That was pretty scary too.

To us celebrating 2 years of marriage pregnant and swollen with our growing baby

2 Year Anniversary Memory | www.drnicolemeastman.com #memories #pregnant #wedding #anniversary #commitment

My hands were so swollen, but I had to wear my ring for our 2 year anniversary.

To having you at my side as I labored, and ultimately ended up going for an emergency c-section – all worth it for a healthy baby.

The Day Our Son Was Born | www.drnicolemeastman.com #healthy #baby #memories

To you and I experiencing pain in our marriage due to lies and “not knowing why”.

To me finding out about adhdmarriage.com and learning to forgive as we learned more and more about a condition that was the source of so much misunderstanding.

To you continuing to pray and gain strength in faith as we faced all of my trying medical-legal issues.

To me continuing to encourage you as we faced being nearly homeless together and had to let go of our pride as we returned food that we could not afford.

To you calling our car “Ruby” and killing roaches that inhabited the place we learned to call “home”

Our Old Island Car, "Ruby" | www.drnicolemeastman.com

This was “Ruby” – 1996 Toyota Tercel. We praised her when she started!

To me praying and praising God every time “Ruby” started and our roof didn’t “rain on our baby”

Morning memories | www.drnicolemeastman.com #memories #family #love

Memories from back in North Side

To you moving our belongings when we were blessed with a new, temporary home.

To me being grateful for learned patience, trust, and God’s goodness and provision.

To us having a relaxed day at the beach on our 3 year anniversary.

Anniversary memories | www.drnicolemeastman.com #marriage #anniversary #faith #hope #commitment

Anniversary memories

To us celebrating Jack’s first birthday.

Family Memories | www.drnicolemeastman.com

At Smith Cove, Grand Cayman | Photo: Julie Corsetti, Deep Blue Images

To continuing to keep God at the center of it all.

To you and your sweet love note surprises.

Love Notes | www.drnicolemeastman.com #marriage #love

Sweet surprises

To Camana Bay snapshots.

Camana Bay Family Fun | www.drnicolemeastman.com #Cayman #family

Family fun at Camana Bay

To travel adventures…

Love | www.drnicolemeastman.com #marriage #love #commitment

Good times back visiting friends in Michigan

Family fun in #Portland, #Oregon | www.drnicolemeastman.com #memories #family #travel

Remember this adventure?!

Multnomah Falls, #Oregon | www.drnicolemeastman.com #travel #waterfalls #adventure #fun #family

This place surely was pretty! Multnomah Falls, Oregon

Sitting in fields of flowers in Bend, Oregon | www.drnicolemeastman.com #Bend #Oregon #family #flowers

This was a nice place to take a seat and enjoy our surroundings! Bend, Oregon

Fun In Oregon | www.drnicolemeastman.com #family #love #Oregon

Faith built on solid rock…

Love | www.drnicolemeastman.com #marriage #love #commitment

and times to celebrate…
I love you.


This surely has been quite the journey so far, hasn’t it?!  Thank you for being my partner on this journey of life.  I am thankful for our commitment to one another through our marriage.  I pray that we continue to grow stronger and that our marriage continues to be blessed, so we can continue to bless others through our testimony.  I love you, and there is no one else that I would want to travel through life with.

Here’s to however many more years that God blesses us with!!

Happy Anniversary!

I love you :)