My Accident Anniversary Date: From Pain to Healing

December 15, 2010 – THAT was a painful day.

That was the day that I faced my own death in a near-fatal accident.  My accident occurred 2 weeks following my wedding and at the start of my career as a doctor.  That was the morning that would forever change my life, and that was the morning when who I once was died.

Having just surpassed 4 years of healing, I can now reflect back on this day, December 15th, and see the healing that has come to a day that used to symbolize such great pain.

Here is a little timeline of how this day has transformed over the last 4 years:
December 15, 2010

My car was struck my a semi truck at nearly 65 miles per hour.  My life as I knew it was lost.  I am not sure what was worse, the physical pain that followed, or the psychological pain that left me feeling hopeless and alone.

You Are Not Alone | #pain #loss #hope #healing

December 15, 2011

My life was a mess.  My marriage was a mess.  I was a mess.  I had lost everything that I once identified with, I was doing everything that I could to heal, but I was held back by pain and fatigue.  Flashbacks from post-traumatic stress disorder left me with nightmares, and I was still contemplating why it was that I had to survive.


December 15, 2012 

My husband and I conceived our son in March 2012 (nearly 1 year to the date that I accepted my faith), we moved out of the United States to Grand Cayman in August 2012 (when I was 6 months pregnant), and we were blessed with a healthy baby boy (following a terrifying emergency c-section) in December 2012.  Jack was born on December 13, 2012 and this year on my accident anniversary, December 15, 2012, we took our newborn home from the hospital.  All of a sudden this day had a beautiful new meaning.


I find it amazing how God can bring healing to a day that once carried so much pain.

My sweet boy. My reason to live.

My sweet boy. My reason to live.

December 15, 2013

Although we were still silently struggling with the consequences of my accident, and the medical-legal issues that were beyond stressful, I had finally found myself in a greater place of healing.

Looking back to my Facebook post from that day makes me feel proud of how far I had come at this point.

What is even more special about this day, is that on this day (this particular year) we had our son’s baby dedication and we committed ourselves, as his parents, to do our best to provide him with a solid foundation in faith.

3 Year Accident Anniversary Memories | #pain #loss #healing

December 15, 2014

4 years later…

Although I still have pain

I have experienced healing.

My marriage is thriving and centered around God.

Love | #marriage #commitment

Grateful that we held on… Photo by: Julie Corsetti


Our son has been blessed with 2 years of life,

Our son | #birthday #blessing #Cayman #beach

Our little boy is growing up! Photo by: Julie Corsetti


and on his birthday we were blessed with a positive pregnancy test.

Pregnancy | #pregnancy #blessing

Blessed with new life!


We are going to have another little miracle baby!

…and now, I know of at least 2 reasons of why I needed to survive.


I now see the rewards of choosing a journey of healing.

I now see the blessing of choosing to trust in a plan greater than my own.

I now see the beauty in patience, trust, and maintained hope.



Thank you for joining me here today.  If you feel that this could inspire someone to keep pushing forward, to choose a journey of healing, to maintain hope, and to look forward to better days, then I kindly ask that you share this with them.  Please assist me in making the most of my second chance at life.  It is a blessing to serve you.

With love and blessings and until next time,


Dr Nicole Eastman |