Meet Nicole

Life has given Nicole a wealth of opportunity to overcome adversity. She has experienced tremendous loss in life through unexpected and uncontrollable events and trauma recovery. She once took pride in identifying herself as highly independent and success-driven, but through a life-altering motor vehicle accident, her life as she knew it came to an end. Two weeks into marriage and at the start of her career as a doctor, Nicole’s car and life were sent spinning when a semi truck hit her car on the expressway.

With her accident, Nicole experienced great loss and consequently, some very difficult choices. Rather than give up, Nicole chose to begin a journey of healing and trauma recovery to embrace the pain that she was experiencing. She chose to rely on hope and faith to allow her to truly embrace the gift of a second chance at life.

Nicole now finds joy in her dependency on hope and faith. She sees purpose for her pain, and she is delighted by the fact that as she has healed, others have too. Nicole’s vulnerability, honesty, and openness displayed through her writing and speaking, has allowed others to find the courage to move forward, to discover what is preventing them from living a joy-filled life, and to experience peace despite unfavorable life experiences.

Her life is dedicated to serving the needs of others. Nicole’s empathy, acceptance of others, resiliency, and strength are attributes that are often mentioned as what makes her unique. In allowing yourself to cross paths with Nicole, you will come to realize that there is much more than what meets the eye. Her appearance deceives the eye and her life story challenges misplaced judgment.

Although she was born and raised in Michigan, Nicole and her husband, Tim, moved to Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands, when she was six months pregnant with their son, Jack.  She now chooses to embrace love, simplicity, and nature. Her focus is on everything that she has to be grateful for in life; and she looks forward to integrating all of her education and experiences to motivate and inspire others to live joy-filled lives with total wellbeing.

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