A God Moment

All Things Work Together Through The Grace Of God

On January 1, 2012, I had the opportunity to share my testimony with Macomb Christian Church.  After the service, a fellow sister in Christ gave me a pamphlet that she had received.  The pamphlet was from a man who she had previously met.  She told me that this man survived a traumatic car accident as well.  She told me that she felt that I should have the pamphlet and get in touch with this man.

With a lack of energy, which is common following brain injuries, I neglected to contact the man who my friend had told me about.  On the growing to-do list, the pamphlet took residence in my Jeep Patriot.

Almost a month later, I went to get lunch with my friends Suzanne and Karen, who I attend church with.  Suzanne had the idea that we would go to Panera.  Soup and salads are always a favorite and during the cold Michigan winter, chicken noodle soup sounded fantastic.  We sat around a round table overflowing with goodness and enjoyed some fellowship.  At one point within our lunch date, Karen asked me to explain just how my accident had occurred.  I explained that I was on my way to the hospital that day.  While in the far right-hand lane, I passed a large, red semi truck.  After passing the truck, I then felt a huge impact in the back of my vehicle.  My car went spinning in a counterclockwise direction.  At that time, I turned my head over my left shoulder to see this large red mass driving directly towards my driver’s side door.  Thankfully, my car continued to spin and instead of direct contact into my left side, the truck hit the rear of my Chrysler Sebring.  Apparently at this time, I lost consciousness and went under the trailer of the truck.  My car was hit an additional one or two more times, which I am unaware of.  This information was supplied afterwards by the one beautiful witness who actually stopped to help.  When I regained consciousness I was facing oncoming traffic; and, the semi truck’s back end was blocking the other drivers’ view of what was ahead of them.  I braced tightly onto my steering wheel anticipating a final head-on blow and my final breath.

While explaining the events that occurred with my accident, I overheard a man’s voice over my shoulder.  He said, “I was in an accident and I had a brain injury too.”  I turned my body, because I am unable to turn my neck without discomfort.  I looked up to see a man who was handing me a pamphlet.  He said, “My name is Mike and I was in an accident and I had a brain injury too.”  I looked up at Mike and said with excitement, “I was supposed to meet you!”  I continued to tell Mike that I had his pamphlet in my car already and that a woman he had met prior encouraged me to contact him.  Inside I had an overwhelming feeling of faith-filled gratitude.  Once again, God showed me how interconnected we all are.  As Mike shared with me his faith and his ministry, I listened in awe.  God’s work simply amazes me.  I sat and listened to Mike talk for quite sometime, but honestly I was truly taken back by the God moment that I was experiencing.