5 Thoughts and Questions Following Ferguson – From The Sister of a Police Officer

After keeping silent, I have decided to speak out on:

5 Thoughts and Questions Following Ferguson

This comes from the sister of a police officer.

5 Thoughts and Questions - From the Sister of a Police Officer | www.drnicolemeastman.com | #blog #Ferguson

This is coming from me – from someone who tends to distance herself from heated topics in the media, who speaks out of a place of love, who has personally mentored to youth in areas like Ferguson, who has a husband who has taught as a school teacher in areas like Ferguson, who has a brother who is a police officer (who has worked in neighborhoods similar to Ferguson and who now works in a dangerous position with the federal government), who has cousins with the same skin complexion as Michael Brown’s, and who feels that we all should be able to exercise our voice if done so from a place of love.
So, with that said, I will share what I shared on my Facebook page earlier today.
In sharing, I ask you to position yourself in a place of openness also.  
This has taken a LARGE amount of courage to share, and I am stepping over some big time fear in doing so.  
Can you do that for me?  

If so, then thank you and please continue reading.

From my Facebook page…

I value ALL lives and that includes the lives of all the males of the entire HUMAN race and that also includes the lives of police officers. Here are my honest thoughts on this situation based on an OUTSIDER’s perspective. Oh, it is so much easier to have an opinion when you weren’t there, isn’t it?

1.  After reading what took place inside the court room (see resources at bottom of this page for more insight) we need to ask ourselves:

“In this situation what would I have done?”  Let’s be honest.

2.  We need to focus on education and taking personal responsibility.  

Every action has a reaction.  When you break the law, you will be placed in front of law enforcement.  That fact has nothing to do with racial profiling and I am not denying that this exists.

3.  If this were my brother, who is a police officer, then I would hope he would protect himself too.

If someone stole, did not respect his position within law enforcement, punched him in the face and charged at him, threatened his life (yes, you can be killed by being punched in the head), reached for his gun, and placed him in this position to make a choice in a very narrow frame of time…well, I’d expect him to protect and serve, and first and foremost, I’d expect him to protect his own life.

4.  Questions that cross my mind:

“Would this rage occur if the officer would have indeed been killed in this situation?” I think of my brother, and I wonder if my brother was doing his job, following up on a call, and then had his life threatened…if he had not acted in his own sense of self-defense and duty, then would there be an outrage…or is that okay, because he was doing his “job”.

A police officer’s job is not to get killed.

It is to protect and serve others, and assaulting/killing a police officer is also a crime. Would there have been such outrage and coverage had this story ended differently? Would there be burning buildings, looting, and protests??? Just questions that cross my mind.

5.  I pray.

I pray for all of the people of Ferguson.

I pray for the family and friends of the gentleman who lost his life. I wish he would have had a different life journey.

I pray for all young children (I don’t care what skin color they possess, because there are under privileged and impoverished children of all skin complexions) – I pray that they gain good role models and MENTORS (how about you commit yourself to mentoring 1 child today??),

I pray that they make good decisions in life (we have the power to make our own choices – let’s choose wisely),

and I pray that the police officers and their families in this town and around the country are kept safe, because I RESPECT police officers, their work, and the sacrifices that they make for people like you and I.

If you do not, then I ask, who will you call if you or your business ever needs help in terms of personal safety or protection of personal property?

Here are some of the responses that I received on Facebook:


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Great conversation, huh?!  The last post was posted by a friend of mine who is married with a beautiful little girl; and this friend of mine is the wife and mom in a healthy, happy, and beautiful “interracial” marriage/family (again, I hate these labels and would love for them to be eradicated).

See, we CAN have these crucial conversations.


Hate Does Not Heal Hate. Choose Love. | www.drnicolemeastman.com

Hate does not and will not heal hate.



  • Choose to LOVE one another.
  • Choose to THINK for yourself.  One of my all-time favorite quotes is this one:

It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it.


  • Finally, CHOOSE to make the world a BETTER place for our children


Start by being a POSITIVE ROLE MODEL to those closest to you.


We have the ability to change the world for our future generations.

I would like to thank you for coming to this space, allowing yourself to be open to listening to my thoughts and the thoughts of others shared within this post, and for your all of the good that you choose to do in this world.
Blessings and love,

Dr. Nicole Eastman | www.drnicolemeastman.com


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