5 Reasons To Love Someone From A Distance

Today, I am sharing 5 reasons to love someone from a distance.

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Last night, after my husband came home from work, we all went out to the sea.  Thanks to making sacrifices and challenging decisions, thanks to pushing through and not giving up during our times of personal and financial struggle, thanks to embracing minimalism and simple living, and thanks to taking huge leaps of faith and trusting the journey and not what our eyes could see, we now get to call this beautiful island of Grand Cayman our home – for the time being, anyways.  The journey to get where we currently are at has not been easy.  It’s included near-homelessness, uncertainty, and plenty of what if’s, but again, we’ve trusted the journey and we’ve seen the benefits of not losing hope.  So now that this born and raised Michigan girl has prefaced this for you, I will share about my “plight” sitting by the sea on a January night.

Last night, we went down to our beachfront, which is something we tend to do once my husband gets home from work.  As a family, we spend a lot of time outside, by the sea, engrossed in nature.  Kaitlyn eats sand, Jack saves and pets starfish being careful not to remove them from their environment, Tim practices his headstands in the sand and cracks open delicious coconuts, and I look out to the vast, powerful sea and marvel at the beautiful, white birds that plummet from the sky into the water with great precision catching their next fish. Spending our time outside and free of distraction is healing and it has allowed us to build a stronger family.  Last night, Jack (4) and Kaitlyn (1) were down by the water with my husband, Tim, and I was getting ready to sit my butt in the sand with a new book that I picked up earlier in the day.  I sat down and it was but seconds before I felt stings to my bottom end – all too close to where the sun does not shine!  I got up quick and realized that I sat on a huge colony of ants and they made their presence well-known.

I think about these ants and I think about the choices that I have recently made to remove toxic relationships from my life.  Unlike these ants, toxic relationships are not always so pronounced in their presence.  Sometimes it takes years to discern who is not for you.  So, in reflecting back on my own journey and my own relationships, I am going to share with you five reasons that you may choose to love someone from a distance instead of getting stung repeatedly by refusing to move from where you are currently seated in life.

5 Reasons To Love Someone From A Distance

1.  You sense negative energy.
When someone leaves the room, exits your home, or is removed from your life in one way or another, do you feel the energy shift?  Do you sense a feeling of relief like a huge weight has been lifted off of your shoulders?  Are you suddenly free of their barrage of doubts, worry, unsolicited advice, and continuous judgment?  This is a good indication that you should love this person from a distance.

2.  Your voice is silenced.
Are you around someone who silences your voice?  Do you feel like you are constantly walking on eggshells and feel that whatever you say will be used against you in one way or another, therefore leaving you speechless and unable to communicate?  Or are attempts at open communication shut down and issues and abuse swept under the rug to maintain an outside appearance that does not reflect what is really going on in life?  This is a good indication that you should love this person from a distance.

3.  Your thoughts are not your own.
Do you have someone telling you how you’re feeling and thinking to the point that you start questioning yourself and your own positioning?  If you have someone trying to control your thoughts, words, and actions, then this is a great indication that you should love this person from a distance.

4.  You are being manipulated.
Manipulation can be sneaky and slimy.  Unlike the ants who bit me in the butt, manipulators are more like snakes who slide their way in and out wreaking havoc on your mind and life.  These are the people who have a smile in front of your face but a dagger behind your back.  Drama is their friend and money, gifts, and flattery are their weapons of mass destruction and control.  Don’t be fooled.  Love these people from a distance.

5.  Your joy is being compromised.
A strong person is happy when others are happy, they lift others up, they don’t feel the need for comparison and competition because they recognize their own gifts and blessings.  If you are surrounded by an envious, mean-spirited individual who is deeply angered by your joy, someone who takes and takes, including taking pleasure in your pain, then do yourself a favor and love this person from a distance.



I hope this served to help you today.  My intention in sharing is to help you live your best life possible and to do so, you must remove what does not serve you and your journey well.  If this helped you, then please let me know by liking, commenting, and/or sharing this with others.  It encourages me to know that my writing is serving a good purpose.  Also, I’d love to hear about your own experiences in regards to removing negativity and toxicity from your life.  How did you know that you needed to love someone from a distance?

Until next time, know that you are loved…even if that means that you are being loved from a distance.  If this is the case, and you are open to your best life possible, then know that only you have the power to make positive change in your life and your relationships.  No one can do it for you.

With love,

Nicole :)