5 Encouraging Reminders | When Waiting Gets Tough

5 Encouraging Reminders | When the waiting gets tough | #hope

5 Encouraging Reminders…

Today, I just wanted to take some time to share some thoughts on waiting and patience.  Patience is a tough life lesson, isn’t it?  This is a life lesson that truly tests one’s faith and character.

Walking in faith can feel difficult.  Trusting a plan greater than your own, especially during challenging times, can feel especially hard. However, when one looks back on their journey and sees answered prayers, including deeply felt but unspoken prayers, it restores hope. Looking back and seeing prayers answered – not immediately, but right on time…that is the beauty of a plan that is far greater than our own and that is what allows me to continue to move forward on a faith-filled journey.  In reflecting on my own journey and all of the trials that I have so far faced, I felt led to sit down and share these 5 encouraging reminders – reminders to assist you when the going (and waiting) gets tough.

1.  Remember to gain perspective.

5 Encouraging Reminders | #quote | #perspective | Dr. Nicole M. Eastman, D.O.

2.  Remember that this too shall pass.

5 Encouraging Reminders | #adversity | #faith | #hope | #scripture | Dr. Nicole M. Eastman, D.O.

3.  Remember to dance through the rain.

5 Encouraging Reminders | #encouragement | #pluviophile | Dr. Nicole M. Eastman, D.O.

4. Remember the beauty that comes after the storm.

5 Encouraging Reminders | #rainbow | #adversity | #hope | #encouragement | #positivity | Dr. Nicole M. Eastman

5.  Remember that happiness is a choice.

5 Encouraging Reminders | #happiness | self help | Dr. Nicole M. Eastman, D.O.


Thank you for joining me here in this space today.  As always, it is a pleasure and honor to be able to have this second chance at life.  I feel privileged to be able to serve others along their walk in life and I look forward to walking alongside you and encouraging you more as we move forward along this gift of life.

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With love,